Science Initiative For US – Israel Announced

Posted on August 15, 2015 By

Recently, a scholarship program for American students to study Sciences in Israel was announced. The leading real estate magnate and publisher Mortimer Zuckerman announced the above. It is the Zuckerman STEM leadership program that is taking things in a different way. It will be providing around $100 million and more scholarship opportunities. The program promises its contribution for the next 20 years. Funding for American graduates will be supplied diligently. They will be studying post-graduate researches in Israel. World renowned Israeli universities have led to many incredible discoveries.
Top most universities include Tel Aviv University, The Weizmann Institute Of Science, Hebrew University of Jerusalem and the Technion-Israel Institute Of Technology. The collaboration is necessary to enhance the cultural and technical heritage of a country. This program enables the American graduates to gain the best of opportunities from the top most Israeli institutes. The next generation of American and Israeli academicians will get a very good opportunity through this program. Zuckerman officially announced this initiative at the Harvard Club Of New York City.
Andrew Cuomo of Democratic Gov. attending the event said It is a great help for American students to learn and work alongside some of the leading researchers in Israel. Such programs can develop societies as a whole. This is anticipated by most people who have known about the program. The news conference was also attended by Ada Yonath, Eric Kandal, Aaron Ciechanover and Richard Axel. These are some of the best global noble laureates. Zuckerman is the chairman of Boston Properties. Alongside, he is also a publisher of the Daily New York news and US news.
It will be a significant step towards building healthy foreign relations as well. Exchange of American and Israeli expertise will pave the way for modern technologies to come. Science is a vast field to be explored. More the number of minds, more will be the productivity of research. Similar hopes are coming up with the program put up by Zuckerman. The funding is in the process, and the scholarship program is already drawing a lot of attention. It will also encourage many postgraduate aspirants to take their knowledge further.


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