A Look at Marvin Minsky’s Death

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One of the best pioneers of artificial intelligence Marvin Minsky died aged 88. He is one of the most renowned personalities at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He developed the parallelism between computers and the human brain. Minsky died at the Birmingham and Women’s Hospital on Sunday. The cause of his death is considered as cerebral Hemorrhage. According to Minsky, human brain functionalities can be coded. He also replicated the human brain functioning in a computer. His research was to find out how machines can be given the power of human intelligence.
The director of MIT Daniela Rus said Minsky is the one who gave us the idea of artificial intelligence as we fell and see it today. Minsky remained as MIT’s faculty for really long time. He joined MIT long back in 1958. Previously, he received degrees from Harvard and Princeton Universities, where he met his colleague John McCarthy at Princeton. Later, in the 1959m the duo found the human intelligence project of MIT. Now, it is known as MIT’s computer science and artificial intelligence lab. McCarthy is the one credited for defining the name artificial intelligence.
According to the reports shared by the NY times, the lab built by Minsky and McCarthy brought the notion that digital information should be freely shared. Not only till artificial intelligence, Minsky also led the foundation of many other notable projects. He was the one to build the very first ultrahigh resolution confocal microscope. The instrument has become an integral part of biological science today. He got awarded with the Turing award in the year 1969. Turing is the computer science’s highest award. He also wrote world class books namely “The society of mind” and “The emotion machine”.
Director Stanley Kubrick got suggested by Minsky in his 1968 classic fiction ” 2001: A space Odyssey”. Kubrick himself visited Minsky to know if computers would actually talk by 1002. Minsky also served in the Navy during the World War II. His wife Gloria Rudisch is a pediatrician. They have three children and four grandchildren. Having led a perfect life with incredible achievements, Minsky left us with enough memories to remember him always.


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