Three Prison Inmates Escape With The Help Of Teacher

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Three inmates from the California jail have escaped with the help of the English teacher on Thursday. The three are suspected to be traveling in a van. Nooshafarinn Ravaghi (44) teaches English in the California jail was arrested last a week after the men escaped from the jail. Of the three one is accused of murder. The men cut through the steel bars and made to the roof using the plumbing tunnels. On the roof of the Orange County Central Men’s jail was found razor wires, ropes of bedsheets that were used to make the escape. It may be noted that it was the first such incident in 20 years in the high-security prison. Bac Duong (43), Jonathan Tieu (20) and Nayeri (37) escaped the prison informed prison authorities.

Ravaghi was arrested on Thursday afternoon and remanded to jail. There is no information on whether she has an attorney. Lt. Jeff Hallock said that Ravaghi taught English to inmates at the jail, and she worked at the Rancho Santiago community College District. Hossein Nayeri is one of her students who is facing charges of kidnapping and assaulting a marijuana dispensary owner. Hallock also added that the teacher and student developed a close relationship but was unaware if it was romance. Though, Ravaghi held that she did not supply any tools to the inmates. But there are doubts on she supplying Google maps to the inmates that felicitated the escape. Meanwhile, Sheriff Sandra Hutchen said that Nayeri was the one who plotted the escape.

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