Wouldn’t It Be Wonderful To Have Picture-Perfect Straight Teeth

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Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have picture-perfect straight teeth for an utterly dazzling smile? At our practice, we can understand if you are one of the millions of people that are reluctant to show their smile as often as possible. Our San Antonio Orthodontist has been helping patients put the luster back into their smiles by correcting their crooked teeth, large gaps, and many other orthodontic issues for many years. One of the most effective and non-invasive tools that they use to accomplish the goals of their orthodontic patients is the Invisalign treatment system. This revolutionary orthodontic treatment has restored hundreds of thousands of smiles all over the world including many right here in your own city! clear braces
The Invisalign and Invisalign Teen treatments are comprised of a progressive series of virtually invisible clear plastic aligners that are worn for two weeks at a time and then replaced by the next set in your customized treatment program. These specially designed aligners gently and gradually shift your teeth into proper alignment and desired positions millimeter by millimeter and week by week. Your treatment will be mapped out according to your specific needs and goals to ensure that your smile is literally one of a kind. You’ll even be able to see what your smile will look like upon completion of treatment before you even wear the first set of aligners!

Treatment will begin with a comprehensive consultation and a thorough physical examination of your teeth, jaws, joints, and muscles of your mouth. We will treat all of these components as a complete functional system when assessing whether Invisalign is going to be an appropriate treatment for your orthodontic needs and goals. After you and your doctors decide that you are a good candidate for treatment with the Invisalign system, precision impressions will be made of your teeth and will be submitted to the Invisalign Laboratories. Extensively trained technicians will use the latest 3-D computer modeling technology, Align Technology, to custom fabricate your custom aligners based upon the instructions provided by our office. Each set of aligners will be worn for approximately two weeks until your desired results are achieved. The typical duration of Invisalign treatments is about 12 months, but based on the severity of your case and your orthodontic goals, successful treatment may require more or less time.

In addition to the Invisalign system, our office provides Invisalign Express treatments which consists of a maximum of 10 sets of aligners and a minimum of 20 weeks of treatment, not including retainer treatment. The Invisalign Express system is ideal for patients requiring treatment involving mild movement, crowding, and rotation of teeth. Invisalign Express is an optimal solution for rebound cases for patients who have had braces before as well.clear braces

Invisalign is often the preferred method of treatment for mild to moderate orthodontic problems because of the many drawbacks of conventional metal braces. Unlike traditional braces which rely upon unsightly metal brackets and wires, Invisalign clear braces are virtually invisible and difficult for others to notice. Invisalign affords you the freedom to eat what you want because you remove them entirely from your mouth each time you eat! In addition to dining, you can remove your aligners to practice your good oral hygiene routine when you brush, floss, and gargle! Invisalign clear plastic aligners are designed to have edges that are smooth and comfortable so that you don’t experience the irritation and discomfort that traditional braces can cause.

If you have been waiting to straighten your teeth and transform your appearance, then wait no longer and contact our office to schedule your no-obligation Invisalign consultation today! There has never been a better time to start living your life with the smile that you desire than right now. Hundreds of patients have trusted their smiles to us and you should be next!


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