Room Air Conditioners

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Room Air Conditioners

Room air conditioners vary from central room air conditioners because they are not intended to cool a complete home. Instead, they’re meant to cool a room in the summertime, sometimes one or two rooms. Nevertheless, they operate like a central air conditioning unit. A compressor sends refrigerant through coils, and as air passes over them, it cools the air, with any moisture from the method being drained outside. Room air conditioner units are more acceptable for smaller houses, homes in a reasonably temperate climate, or maybe the ones that are only exposed to daylight on the part of the home. The advantage of room air-conditioner units over central air-conditioning units is they are far cheaper and use less power. Generally, room air conditioners sit in a window and exhaust the warm air outside. More on this webpage

Once cooler weather arrives, the unit can be removed and stored, or you do have the option of permanent installation with some room air conditioner models. Room air conditioner units come in a selection of sizes and shapes to suit the scale of your window and the room you would like to cool. The cooling capacity of room air conditioners is measured in English Thermal Units an hour ( BTU / hour ). What size air conditioner you need for a room generally depends on the size and one or two other variables. To get the floor area of a selected room, multiply the length by the width in either meters or feet. As well as the area of a room, there are one or two other things to consider. Easily shaded rooms need less cooling capacity. When placing room air conditioners in a heavily shaded room, the necessary BTU capacity can be reduced by ten percent. When placing room air conditioners in a room with heavy exposure to daylight, the necessary BTU capacity should be increased by ten percent In a household where more than two or more occupy the room the air conditioners are in, increase the BTU capacity by six hundred BTUs for everybody. When placing room air conditioners in a kitchen, increase the BTU capacity by four thousand BTUs. The latest room air conditioners use high-potency compressors, fan motors, and heat transfer surfaces to transfer more heat from the air to the coils, saving energy needed to compact the refrigerant.

When buying room air conditioners, you need to also look for models that feature speed controls for the fan, digital thermostats for more exact temperature control, and programming functionalities for when you would like it to turn off and on.

ENERGY STAR room air conditioners reduce power usage by 10-15% over standard models. Each size and kind of room air conditioner needs to be accepted for the ENERGY STAR label. Please see our tips below for more ways to save energy and operating costs. Room air conditioners use a programmable thermostat. Buying a programmable heater will enable you to mechanically adjust the temperature while you are at work, when you’re sleeping, and while you are on holiday. Reverse the fan in winter to bump warm air down and preserve heat. Watch for the Energy Star Label, as these products use less power and save you money.


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