Residential Pest Control – Wasps

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Residential Pest Control – Wasps

Ants and wasps only become active in March and usually die off by October. However, mild winter conditions can result in wasps being active up to November.

The wasp’s nest can be found anywhere but predominantly in roof spaces (behind facia boards) and outhouses. You might also find nests in a wall cavity or any other crack and crevice in the structure of a building.

The Queen Wasp usually comes out of hibernation in March and begins laying eggs. Worker Wasps hatch and their task is to feed the Queen (who never leaves the nest) and develop the nest itself. This they do rapidly making room for many more workers and the nest often becomes the size of a football or larger.

Our Pest Control company once dealt with a nest built on the back of a dormant boiler house door. It measured 4′ x 2′ and bellied out a further 18″.

Wasps are quite dangerous when attacked or threatened, as they sting rapidly and repeatedly. Great tales of daring, as told to us by men who were brave to the point of being reckless, are proof positive that the garden hose will not work, and attempting to burn them out with petroleum-based products is most unwise!!!

If you discover a wasps nest in March, April, or even May, the chances are that it will be no bigger than a tennis ball. Do not, however, allow the apparent size of it to fool you into believing that there are only a handful of wasps in residence. Quite a substantial number can live quite happily in a tiny space. A medium to large nest can accommodate up to 25,000 wasps! Unlike Bees, wasps do not swarm, and a new nest is produced each year.

If the wasp is under threat, its most pressing priority is to protect its Queen. Therefore, they will attack. Also, wasps not in the nest at the time of threat will never be too far away and can sense this threat. Therefore, you will not only be dealing with the nest but also have to cope with wasps returning to it from behind you.

Our Pest Control company has used three different types of treatment for wasps. Of the three we prefer to use a Dusting Powder which, because of its composition, can reach areas that might otherwise be inaccessible.

A short mention on Bees. Bees are a protected species in some areas. Therefore, pest control operatives are not entitled to kill them.

Bees differ from wasps by color. The wasp has a yellow and black abdomen while the bee is darker, almost dark brown.

Bees tend to swarm so they are easily removed by professional Beekeepers. Such services can be found in Service Directories.


Plumbing Services San Antonio – Bathtub & Shower Repair

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Bathtub & Shower Repair

As a full-service bathroom plumbing service, we can quickly assist you with bathtub and shower repair and within your budget. We handle everything from shower and bathtub repair to installation, and we’ll work with you to create a custom design that fits your unique style and personality. Our plumbers understand that the look of your bathroom is just as important as its functionality, so we offer a wide range of bathtubs and showers that are perfect on any services san antonio

Our Bathroom Plumbing

Our plumbers specialize in bathtubs and shower repair and installation and we guarantee your total satisfaction on any work we perform. Our bathroom plumbing services are done by master plumbers who care about your comfort and your plumbing system. Whether you need a clogged drain cleaned or a new bathtub or shower installed, we’re the proven bathroom plumbing service leader.

Bathtub & Shower Services
Below are some of the bathtub and shower services we perform:

Plumbing Repairs
Sewer & Drain Cleaning
Leak Detection & Repair
Emergency Plumbing Service

You can also count on us to provide fast emergency shower repair and bathtub repair services. It’s important to remember that a water leak with your bathtub or shower may become an emergency plumbing service problem quickly. Leaks and clogged drains can cause harmful bacteria and mold to grow and spread, and overflowing plumbing fixtures can lead to flooding, wood rot, and structural damage to your home. As a result, we encourage our customers to contact us at the first sign of a shower or bathtub repair problem. We’ll dispatch a trusted plumber to your home or business at once, and our plumbing service is guaranteed.

We know bathtubs and showers inside and out. Contact us today to receive a fast and reliable bathroom plumber or 24-hour emergency plumbing service.


Traffic Ticket Law – Speeding Violations Attorneys

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It is always stressful and frustrating to get a traffic ticket, and for good reason. If you have been caught committing a traffic violation in, you can face some pretty serious penalties for your traffic violations, penalties that accumulate, and can follow you for years because they stay on your record. This means that a lot of people decide to not simply pay their fine and assume that will take care of their ticket because there are other penalties aside from the fine that go with traffic tickets issued. If you choose to take the route of pleading not guilty to your traffic ticket and having the case heard in court, you will need to get in touch with an experienced traffic ticket lawyer to help you present a strong defense before the judge.traffic ticket lawyers

Your traffic ticket case will be heard in front of the judge in the district court that hears cases. But know that the police officer who wrote your ticket will also be in court telling their side of the story, and judges are often more willing to believe them than to believe someone who comes to court with superb legal representation. In fact, most people who go to traffic court without a lawyer will lose their case. But calling a traffic ticket attorney will greatly improve your chances of having your ticket dismissed or at least having the penalties that go with it reduced. But what does your lawyer have that you don’t? Aside from experience handling traffic tickets and knowledge of the local courts, they will have the legal expertise to build a strong defense to counteract the story of the police officer, as well as access to the right kinds of evidence to support their argument. For example, they can show that the radar gun or traffic camera that caught you had a false reading, or that the police officer operating the speed gun did not have the appropriate training. There are several other strong defenses for people accused of committing traffic violations, so call your lawyer in plenty of time before your court date to start preparing.

You may be wondering why it is worth your time to go to court. The simple reason is that the penalties that go with traffic violations will stick with you for years and have negative consequences for you. Except for DUIs, whatever violation you committed will not only usually a fine associated with it but will also have a certain number of points that will go on your driving record. If you are convicted of a traffic violation, the points associated with that ticket will be added to your Texas driver record—and they’ll remain there for 3 years from the date of your conviction. Even just one 2-point assessment on your record could result in higher insurance rates. The Texas DMV point system assesses not only demerit points you accrue on your driving record, but also additional penalties such as driver’s license suspension or revocation, surcharges, and driving fines. Accumulating six or more penalty points within a period of three years will suspend your driving privileges. First DWI conviction—you may be sentenced to a 90-day to 1-year license suspension. Second DWI conviction—your license may get suspended for up to 2 years and a minimum of 180 days. Third and subsequent DWI convictions—license suspension of 180 days to 2 years.

If you decide that these penalties are not worth facing, call our traffic ticket lawyer today. They can help create a strong defense when you go to court so you can face less of these harsh penalties or even avoid facing all of them by having the ticket dismissed.